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We give you the opportunity to try our services in confidence that after the 30 day free trial* you will be happy and convinced enough to want to continue as a paying customer. Within this period, you can either continue using the services or just cancel out without any fees or further commitments.

If you do not choose to cancel within the 30 days and continue past the trial period, you will need to provide us with payment details (unless already provided) as you will notice that we don't ask you for any at this point. After the 30 day trial, your services will start to incur the monthly fees that are applicable to them. Please be aware of your account status at all times, as it is a self managed account and we will not cancel the services for you nor contact you until such time that your account falls due for payment.

*The free trial does not cover the credit required for sending SMS, faxes or for calling normal telephones, however, it does apply to the monthly costs associated with receiving of faxes (if you elect to try the fax service), receiving of SMSs (for two way SMS) and receiving phone calls (if you subscribe to a real phone number). All our other services including TTMessenger and its features are completely free.

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