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Developer Documentation

Included in this page are some of our most recent APIs and connectors to our network. 

If there's anything specific that you require, please contact our customer service personnel for more assistance.

Title Documentation Download
Command line SMS tool TTSMS.pdf 99 KB 116 KB
SMSender.exe 44 KB
A Windows command line tool to send SMS messages from within scripts or other applications


SMS via HTTP (Get/Post) SMSGateway.pdf 173 KB
A CGI gateway for sending SMS messages via HTTP Get and Post requests. Suitable for scripting languages such as perl, PHP and ASP


SMS via SMPP SMPP_API.pdf 106 KB
Industry standard SMPP protocol for companies wishing to send large quantities of SMS.


A description of the email format expected when sending SMS messages via email.


SMS Other 2 KB
The Personalised SMS Gateway is a service designed to deliver a customised SMS message to a list of mobile recipients.


SMS Other 2 KB
A module for sending SMS by using PHP.


FAX via HTTP (Post) TTFaxHTTP.pdf 110 KB
A CGI gateway for sending FAXes to single recipients. Suitable for scripting languages and applications.


FAX via SMTP TTFaxSMTP.pdf 73 KB
A description of the email format expected when sending FAX messages via email.


FAX DLL for Visual Basic 6 TTFaxForVB.pdf 107 KB 127 KB
A Visual Basic library and .bas module to simplify fax sending from within Visual Basic applications


A description of the email format expected when sending VSMS messages via email.


TraiTel IVML IVMLAPI.pdf 53 KB    
The IVML API allows programmers to easily create versatile, interactive voice menus that can fully integrate into any back-end.


Account Management API Account Management API.pdf 193 KB    
The TraiTel Account Management API allows you to query and alter account settings and logs. The API covers a wide range of operations, from retrieving messaging logs, to querying your account balance, to configuring Voice services, etc.