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Home phone

Connect your existing phone to the internet and save

With a TT11 adapter from TraiTel Telecommunications, your current phone can be converted to a state of the art internet phone, ready to take and make high quality phone calls over the internet.

What exactly does the TT11 adapter do?

The TT11 adapter connects your normal phone to our servers over your existing internet connection, meaning you can take advantage of our low call rates.

What kinds of phones are compatible?

Any standard home phone handset, including cordless types, should be compatible with the TT11. If you can connect it directly to the "plain old telephone system" it will work with the TT11 adapter.

I'm not great with setting up new technology, and this sounds complicated, how hard is it to get up and running?

If you can plug in a vacuum cleaner, you can connect a TT11 VoIP adapter. Our hardware comes pre-configured, so you don't have to do any of the hard stuff.

My phone makes calls already, why would I want to change?

If you're calling mobile phones, landlines in other area codes, or making international calls, you might want to check just how much money those calls are costing you. Calls through the TraiTel network can be less than 1/10th the cost of calls through the regular phone system.

What about my existing phone number? What happens when people call me?

You have a few options:

  • You can keep your line on, and still receive normal calls to your phone using the TT11.
  • You can turn your existing number into a TraiTel number, and cancel your contract with
       your existing provider. This is called number porting.
  • You can cancel your existing number, get a TraiTel number, and tell your friends and family your new number.
  • I've made internet calls before using my computer what's different with TraiTel?

  • You're using a real phone, no computer required.
  • You can have a real phone number people can call you on
  • OR you can just make outbound calls and save
  • The quality is much better - TraiTel's network uses the best method to make your calls