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Home SMS

SMS is a convenient and inexpensive way to get a message to your loved ones.

How it works

Using our software TTMessenger, users can send and receive SMS messages right from their PC.

Who can benefit from it

TraiTel Home SMS is suitable for anyone who:

  • Would enjoy the convenience of using a full keyboard to write SMS messages rather than a fiddly cellphone.
  • Could benefit from the low rates for sending and receiving SMS which TraiTel offers.
  • Has a few people to message at once and would find a quick way of sending to all useful.
  • Has trouble seeing the screen on their mobile phone.
  • Doesn't own a mobile phone, but would like the benefits of SMS.

How much does it cost? Prices exclude GST

To send a message is 9cents, and to receive unlimited replies to your TTMessenger is only $10.86 per month.

Can I try it out before I commit?

Yes! In fact there is never any commitment or contracts. TraiTel messages are prepaid, so create an account, add a couple of dollars for testing, download TTMessenger and try it out with no risk.