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TraiTel Telecommunications is an innovative company that prides itself for being at the forefront of technology development. As the leader of our chosen fields, we invest substantial amounts of R&D into developing new services and technologies that will make our customer's experience a better one.

Because our investments are substantial and the products or services produced are very interesting, our competitors are quick to copy these technologies and claim these innovations as if it were their own.

One way to protect ourselves is by patenting our inventions. It is with regret however, that over the years we haven't patented all our innovations and now we see many of our technological developments being used in the main stream by many of our competitors. Our only gratification coming from knowing that many end users have been (and still are) enjoying this technology.

Here is a list of our patents, some fully registered and others in "pending" status. We will add more as time goes by.


Title Documentation

Dynamic Routing
of Reply Calls and Messages

DRORCAM.pdf 1330 KB

Method of Transmitting
An Emergency Broadcast Message

MOTAEBM.pdf 1155 KB

Establishing Communication
From A Web Page

ECFAWP.pdf 37 KB

A System And Method For
Establishing Communication





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