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Voice Broadcasting - VSMS

VSMS "voice short message service" is TraiTel Telecommunications latest technology and our own innovation that will take messaging into a completely new level.

VSMS makes it very easy to communicate with another person or to broadcast a short voice message to hundreds of people instantly.

The message is not limited to mobile phones only as they can be delivered to any type of telephonic device. Once a person listens to the message they will be given the opportunity to respond to it (as a VSMS) so that it can be delivered back to the sender, or in addition, the person will have the option of pressing a number in their phone keypad that will take the call back to the senders phone system or TTMessenger, effectively giving the receiver of the VSMS an opportunity to talk to the sender, a sales or customer service person immediately after listening to the message.




- How does VSMS work?

- What can VSMS be used for?

- What do I need to send a VSMS?

- Are there any alternative methods for sending a VSMS?

- What is the cost of sending and receiving a VSMS?

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How does VSMS work?

VSMS gives you the ability to take a small audio file recorded with your PC or pre-recorded) and then send it to a mobile or land line phone. When you send a VSMS, the phone of the receiver will ring and when the phone is answered the VSMS will start to play and be heard by the receiver. Prior to sending the VSMS, the sender is able to:

  • Just send the VSMS
  • Provide the receiver with the ability to respond verbally
  • Verify the identity of the receiver of the VSMS
  • Have the call transferred back to any telephone number, including mobiles, land lines and TTMessenger
  • Schedule the VSMS for deferred delivery


What can VSMS be used for?

VSMS is so versatile that you can use it for anything that you can imagine. If you have something to say, then a VSMS is a great alternative to an SMS, a phone call, a fax, an email or even a letter. Imagine all the talking you can do in 45 seconds or less! An SMS is restricted to 160 characters, a phone call is time consuming, an email is never read and a letter is too expensive!

You can send a VSMS to 1 or 1000 people in just a few seconds.
You can use a VSMS to:

  • Replace a plain SMS (one VSMS could be equivalent up to 50 SMS! - think how much you can verbally say in 45 seconds!)
  • Broadcast a commercial
  • Advertise a new offer
  • Send a reminder (dental appointment, return a DVD, late payment, and much more)
  • Alert a group of people
  • Use it as an alarm
  • Debt collection
  • Generate sales
  • Anything is possible with a VSMS!


What do I need to send a VSMS?

To send a VSMS all you need is a Windows based computer that can run TTMessenger, an internet connection, an account with TraiTel and an optional microphone if you want to record your own VSMS. TTMessenger comes with many pre-recorded VSMS that you can use immediately or you are also able to choose a pre-recorded audio file to send. A VSMS can be as long as you want it, however, we recommend not making them more than 45 seconds in length.

Here's a sample screen shot of TTMessenger's VSMS interface:


Are there any alternative methods for sending a VSMS?

Yes there are. In fact, many of our clients are large companies that already have systems and applications in place which are capable of generating VSMS messages. For this, TraiTel offers a gateway that can easily integrate into most server based environments to handle all the deliveries of VSMS and also give accurate feedback indicating successful or failed attempts. For more information on this service, please contact our sales or technical department or visit our developer page which contains a documentation (API) and sample code.

Great! So what is the cost of sending and receiving a VSMS?

If you have an urgent message, a reminder or something to say to your customers, friends or family, then a VSMS is a fun, quick and professional cost effective way to do it. Within Australia the cost per VSMS to a normal land line is 18 cents (untimed) and 25 cents (per minute) to a mobile phone and it also attracts a small monthly fee of $13.59 which lets you receive responses. And (as per all the services we offer which attract a monthly fee), a free trial period is provided and in this case it is no less than 30 days for the "receiving" part of VSMS. Prices are +GST.

Need more assistance and would like to talk to somebody?

You are welcome to contact our sales representatives on 1300 76 86 16.