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Hosted VoIP phone solutions for business

What is hosted VoIP?

Hosted means TraiTel houses the hardware required to make your phones work at our data centres - your phones just connect to us over the internet.

What are the benefits of that approach?

  • Low setup cost

    there is no expensive piece of hardware to purchase.
  • Included maintenance and hardware support

    it's our hardware so naturally we maintain it.
  • Expandability

    With a hosted solution the only limiting factor is your internet bandwidth, not any hardware or wiring limitation.
  • Features

    Our IVR and hosted PBX system has features second to none in the industry, you can do almost anything with this system, all managed within your web account.
  • Multiple locations

    The CEO could be in Sydney, the Sales team in Melbourne, and Tech Support in Manilla, and every phone would be on a local extension, able to make free calls within the company.