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Bulk SMS

TraiTel is one of Australia's largest and most successful bulk SMS providers. As a result we can offer brilliant quality of service, excellent pricing, and are a 100% Australian owned and operated enterprise selling Australian originated bulk SMS and associated services.

Bulk Australian originated SMS for only 9 cents

We might not be the cheapest, but we certainly offer the best priced SMS in Australia that is originated in Australia. Because it is important to also find out where our competitor's messages originate from. The old cliché that you get what you pay for is very important to consider in this industry where many fly-by-night bulk SMS providers come and go and so does your credit with them.

Two way SMS replies directly to your computer

The SPAM act is very strict in terms relating to promoting by electronic means in Australia, including bulk SMS. Not forgetting that replies can add value to your SMS service - because its important to know what your customers think!

No risk signup

There is no contract to sign, your credit doesn't expire, and you can even send a small bulk SMS campaign for free!

Personalise your bulk SMS broadcasts

Need to remind your existing client-base of an upcoming promotion or event? Adding the personal touch to your bulk SMS broadcast is a great value-add, and available at no extra charge using the custom "SMS broadcast tool" that is available on your TraiTel web account.

No minimum commitment or contracts for bulk SMS pricing

Fewer things could be simpler, just pay as you go and still get the finest pricing on the market for your bulk SMS broadcasting needs.

Develop your own custom bulk SMS programmes using our APIs

Our fully specialised bulk SMS gateways are able to send a bulk SMS to anywhere in the world, in batches or one by one. Check out our developers page for more information.

APIs include, SMPP, HTTP, SMTP and more.

Lastly, to find out more about our bulk SMS service and various SMS related products that TraiTel offers, please click on the SMS button in the menu above. On that page, you will find ways to test our SMS gateway as well.