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Fax Receiving


Good business management must include the management of all assets, not merely core assets. While hard copy output is a core asset for certain types of companies, it clearly is not for the majority.

As a way to assist our users in their understanding of the dynamics surrounding the cost of receiving faxes we have created a calculator that will bring into a clearer perspective the costs that a typical office fax machine incurs on a daily/monthly and yearly basis - please check what our hard work is offering you, the results will surely astound you.

The TraiTel service allows faxes to be delivered to an email addressee. With the service, a fax number is allocated to the customer who can in turn publish it just like any other telephone number. The user receives the fax messages in an email format (as a PDF or TIFF file) which can later on be forwarded to any email address over the Internet. For this very reason, a user is never limited to one particular location for getting hold of his or her messages as PDF and TIFF are amongst the most common standards of usage and compatibility of these will be found in almost every single computer in use today.

This means that whether you are in the office, at home or even in a remote internet cafe in another part of the world, you would still be able to have access to all your important messages.

How does it work?

Customers of the service are allocated a unique 'local prefix' fax number on registration which costs and looks to the sender the same as any other local number would. You can then select up to three different email addresses that will receive the incoming messages and you will also be asked to make the most common one your default address - as this email will also be the one that you will use to authenticate on our system when sending faxes over the TraiTel network. The service allows customers to receive faxes on their desktop, via email, that have been sent manually via an ordinary fax machine.

Benefits of using fax to email
  • Faxes are received straight to the desktop and can conveniently be read as email
  • Captured in electronic format and can be forwarded easily
  • Faxes can be received and stored 24 hours a day, 7 days a week
  • The personal fax number ensures privacy and confidentiality of sensitive faxes
  • Can be printed straight to the printer, which retains its original quality
  • No special equipment is required by the user
  • Received faxes are accompanied by a status page giving transmission information

Unique fax number

A unique number is allocated to the customer on registration. Once a fax is sent to this number, it is delivered as an email to the designated recipient(s).

Inbox email account

This allows users to specify an email address as the destination for faxed documents to be delivered to. It also allows the user to mix fax and email deliveries on a one to one basis.

These can then be downloaded, forwarded, stored and printed as emails.

Status Report

Users will receive a fax by email attachment. The status information for each fax will include the following:
  • Date received
  • Time received
  • Number of pages received
  • Name or number 'ID' of sender
  • Fax number of sender
  • Recipient name
  • Recipient sender
The service provides
No engaged dialling tones
  • No engaged dialling tones are experienced as TraiTel has ample lines which can handle enormous amounts of faxes at any given time.

No personal costs
  • The sender of the fax is the paying party and charged at the standard national rate.
  • There is no cost for receiving faxes as they arrive in an email format, you could literally receive dozens of faxes a day at no extra cost - the only cost is the low monthly number rental

Faxes which can be read from any location
  • The faxes can be read from any location round the world, via a PC and Internet connection.

Faxes can be stored
  • Faxes can be stored as email in the same way as normal email is stored on an email account.

Faxing is the most common method of communication within the business world. It is used most frequently when transmitting urgent documents and documents under review and is very useful when documents require a signature.

Internet faxing joins the power of the PC with the advantages of a departmental fax machine and the Internet without using a fax modem. The service eliminates manning the fax machine and instead allows faxes to be collated in a central area.

The Fax service can be seen as part of a "one stop shop service for receiving all types of messages". These messages can then be viewed from anywhere around the world, on any PC, connected to the Internet. Jammed fax machines and illegible faxes and the costs associated with toner as well as paper can now be a thing of the past

After you start utilising the TraiTel service for sending and receiving faxes, even if you send as little as 2 faxes per day and receive a similar amount, your faxing expenses will drop considerably. To estimate how much the TraiTel service could save you, follow the appropriate links below.

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