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Dedicated Inbound SMS Number

Receive inbound SMS messages to your own dedicated inbound number

How will we receive the messages?

Via the usual TraiTel methods: TTMessenger, email (if it is enabled on your account), or direct to your application URL.

What is an application URL?

In short it is a website set up (by you) to receive inbound SMS messages.

What are some of the uses for a dedicated inbound SMS number from TraiTel?

  • Advertised Number

    if you want to publish the number to receive messages, or normal replies won't work, you will require a dedicated number.
  • Subscription service

    If your service requires an SMS to be the first point of contact, a dedicated number is probably necessary.

Can TraiTel help develop our application?

Yes. Our talented team of programmers and web developers has the expertise to bring your idea to market. Call one of our technical sales reps now on 1300 76 86 16 to get a quote on development.

How much does a dedicated number cost?

$55 + GST per month (in advance)