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Fax Sending


The TraiTel service can save you up to 90 percent of the labour costs associated with manual faxing, resulting in an immediate cost saving based on the methods that 95 percent of companies use. With a stand alone fax machine, an employee must first print the document, carry it to the fax machine, possibly stand in line, then scan the fax in and wait for all pages to go through before he can return to his desk and resume working. Of course if there is a busy signal at the receiving end, the procedure must be repeated, perhaps several times.

With TraiTel, employees can send faxes directly from their workstations, as well as from the applications where their documents are created or from an existing e-mail interface. What's more, by having as many local numbers assigned to your company as you might see fit, any company employee can also receive faxes directly into their own desktop, increasing both efficiency and privacy.

Most importantly, the increased efficiency gained from computer-based faxing translates into a substantial decrease in your overall fax budget. The average fax operation takes no less than 8 minutes. For an employee that is being paid $20 an hour, the 8 minutes amounts to $2.66 of time. If that employee sends 25 faxes per week, the resulting cost is $3333 per year. If your company were to fax an even higher volume of documents each day, the expense can be staggering. When the timely and cumbersome process of manual faxing is eliminated, savings in associated labour costs are recognised almost immediately.

After you start utilising the TraiTel service for sending and receiving faxes, even if you send as little as 2 faxes per day and receive a similar amount, your faxing expenses will drop considerably. To estimate how much the TraiTel service could save you, follow the appropriate links below.

SENDING Fax Calculator
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