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Send Fax Calculator


This formula assumes that the process of sending a document using a conventional fax machine takes a person approximately eight minutes to print the document, retrieve it from the network printer, bring it to the fax machine, fill out a cover page, dial the phone number, feed the document into the machine, wait for the transmission to be completed, and (assuming the transmission is successful on the first attempt), return to his or her desk. This process can actually take even longer in many situations.

Total number of faxes sent per day:  
Average number of pages per fax:  
Average number of minutes to send a complete fax:  
Average hourly wage per employee: Result is shown below

Column shows costs associated with using a typical fax machine*


Minutes per day spent faxing:  
Hours per year spent faxing:  
Annual cost savings by using the TraiTel service: $   
Annual saving by using the TraiTel service: $
Total monthly saving by using the TraiTel service:
(above annual result divided by 12)
Actual TraiTel Cost per month:   $24.95